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Sewer Inspection & Pipe Inspection

Atlanta Sewer Line Repair uses cutting-edge equipment to perform video sewer inspections to locate the location of burst pipes or blocked sewers. A video sewer inspection takes the guesswork out of the equation, making it quick and simple to locate problem areas.

Most homeowners contact us to do a video sewer inspection when there is a problem with a blockage that cannot be cleared by liquid drain cleaners, plunging, or drain or sewer augering.

Do You Need a Video Sewer Inspection?

Signs that you need a video sewer inspection, include:

  • A foul odor from your sewer could be a sign of blocked water in the drain traps or by the vents that allow airflow in only one direction.
  • backed-up sewer line could indicate a blockage, which could be caused by grease build-up, a crushed pipe, root intrusion, or debris.

Video Sewer and Inspection Uses

A video sewer inspection can identify the location of various plumbing issues, including:

  • a cracked sewer lateral.
  • a bellied drain line.
  • a separated lateral joint
  • a debris blockage
  • leaking joints at your pipe connections
  • plant root intrusions
  • damaged or deteriorated piping

The video sewer inspection will reveal exactly which issue is causing your the symptoms your line is experiencing, and will help the plumber provide suitable remedial solutions.

Understanding the exact location and the depth of the issue will help reduce repair costs.

While homeowners can buy basic video sewer inspection kits, most of the scopes can only inspect across a short distance. Professional equipment, such as the systems we use at Atlanta Sewer Line Repair, have self-righting and auto-focus functionalities to make the visuals clearer and more accurate. Furthermore, our equipment is costly, because:

  • it has powerful lights
  • it is self-righting (meaning the image stays upright even when the camera is tilted)
  • it offers high-resolution imagery
  • it records visuals
  • it has transmitters that help us locate block points.

When you order a sewer video inspection, we will send one of our specialist plumbers to run a video line down all your branch lines. Branch lines are those pipes that run from your faucets and bathtubs to the sewer line. The line is attached to a camera, which allows us to see close-up detail of the insides of the sewers.

A video sewer inspection gives you a walk-through of your sewer line, and at times the image may be jerky as the line is manually pushed down the pipes.

Once the technician reaches the blockage point, he will use go to ground level. He will use a locating device that picks up transmissions from the camera until he locates the signal. He will then mark the location of the blockage, where the sewer trench can be dug.

Not only will we clear your line like most providers, but we will also camera your line for free and give you options to solve your sewer problems permanently.

Our technicians will accurately pinpoint any problem areas underground and even identify if the issue is your responsibility or a city/county issue.

Pressurized drain jetting not only restores flow but can remove grease buildup inside of your line and even scour away tree roots to improve the flow inside of your line.

No destruction to your landscape and very little disruption of your normal routine. Save ~40% compared to traditional replacement methods.

Avoid potentially disastrous leaks which can cause expensive damage to your home. Improve the flow and quality of your drinking water.

Water Leak Detection technology to pinpoint the leak while minimizing damage. Multiple leak repair options to minimize damage and the cost of a permanent repair.