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Plumbing Services

Atlanta Sewer Line Repair offers a range of professional plumbing services to our commercial and residential clients in the greater Atlanta region. It is our aim to provide our clients with quality service when they need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our dedication to low prices and speedy plumbing service is just part of our overall commitment to customer satisfaction.

We offer both maintenance and emergency plumbing services, and do our utmost to render our services to your satisfaction at all times. When you have a plumbing emergency, trust Atlanta Sewer Line Repair to take care of the problem with our friendly, affordable service and quality materials.

Our Plumbing Service Team

Here at Atlanta Sewer Line Repair, we pride ourselves on employing the most experienced, qualified plumbers in the city. We favor plumbers who are dedicated and have years of on-site training. All our employees submit to a drug test and background check, so you can trust them to work in your home.

Our in-house training does not just focus on plumbing, but also on customer satisfaction, and quality assurance. When you order plumbing services through Atlanta Sewer Line Repair, you can expect service with a smile at all times.

Atlanta Sewer Line Repair also stresses cleanliness and our staff works hard to leave your home looking pristine, whether you get a sewer repair or a simple pipe inspection.

Our Quality Plumbing Materials & Warranty

Atlanta Sewer Line Repair has been reputed as a company that offers quality service and repairs that last. We are known for our excellent standard of service, which is one of our company policies. It is also our policy to use only specific quality approved tools and materials. We even offer a one-year warranty on nearly all of our work for your peace of mind.

Our Quality Plumbing Services

As a homeowners, you are responsible for the sewer lines that run from your home's exterior to the public utility connection, which is usually located in the street.

Tree root invasion, age, ground settling, fluctuating temperatures, corrosion and other environmental issues can cause your sewer lines to fail. Repairs can total thousands of dollars out-of-pocket, not to mention the inconvenience of not being able to use the plumbing while repairs are being made.

Service Line Warranties of America sewer line protection will cover the repair expense up to the coverage cap and quickly restore use of your home's plumbing. Furthermore, the repairs will be completed by a contractor who will make the repair according to city code and to your satisfaction.

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Not only will we clear your line like most providers, but we will also camera your line for free and give you options to solve your sewer problems permanently.

Our technicians will accurately pinpoint any problem areas underground and even identify if the issue is your responsibility or a city/county issue.

Pressurized drain jetting not only restores flow but can remove grease buildup inside of your line and even scour away tree roots to improve the flow inside of your line.

No destruction to your landscape and very little disruption of your normal routine. Save ~40% compared to traditional replacement methods.

Avoid potentially disastrous leaks which can cause expensive damage to your home. Improve the flow and quality of your drinking water.

Water Leak Detection technology to pinpoint the leak while minimizing damage. Multiple leak repair options to minimize damage and the cost of a permanent repair.