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Directional Drilling & Horizontal Boring

Atlanta Sewer Line Repair offers new lines without trenches, using directional drilling and horizontal boring. Using directional drilling, we can install new underground pipes without the need for digging trenches. Instead, we use sophisticated, powerful horizontal boring machines to drill a pilot hole at a predetermined location.

Our state-of-the-art horizontal boring machine can also exit at a predetermined location, and we can change direction in order to avoid pre-existing lines and other underground obstructions. We can then establish a new conduit line, water line or a new sewer from the pilot hole. This highly sophisticated system allows for 100% underground installation, saving time, money and the inconvenience of trenching.

Making use of Atlanta Sewer Line Repair's popular directional drilling service, you can avoid damage to your landscape, hardscape and building. Directional drilling is a fantastic option for installing new pipes without the fuss of trenches.

Why Directional Drilling?

In the days of old, the only way to establish new lines, was through expensive trenchwork that caused much mess and damage to the environment and your landscape. However, directional drilling offers the advantages of trenchless techniques where a preexisting line needs to be relocated, or where there is no line.

Directional drilling from Atlanta Sewer Line Repair offers significant cost savings, as compared to conventional line installation. Additionally, it offers quicker completion times and is much safer for the environment.

Directional Drilling Saves Money

Digging for a new line and replacing excavated material makes up a significant portion of costs. Directional drilling allows you to avoid the damage and enjoy significant cost savings compared to other, more traditional methods of establishing new lines.

Directional Drilling Saves Time

Since there is no need to dig trenches, or put the excavated matter back, you will make significant time savings. As a result, project completion times will be significantly decreased.

The Directional Drilling Trenchless Installation Process

When you call Atlanta Sewer Line Repair to order installations using the directional drilling trenchless system, we will send out one of our qualified directional drilling experts in a fully-equipped truck.

Step 1: Establishing a Pilot Hole

Once we have prepared the site, we will move the horizontal boring machine into place. Don't be fooled by the size of it! While it may only be the size of a golf cart, it has the power to create a new infrastructure for your property.

We will connect the bore head to the hollow pipe, and move it into place. It will enter the ground at an angle. More pipe sections will be added as the bore head drills the pilot hole.

Step 2: Enlarging the Pilot Hole

Once the bore head exits the hole at the premeditated exit point at the other end of the run, a reamer will be attached. This reamer is then pulled back through the line, clearing rocks and soil to increase the size of the hole until it is twenty-five percent larger than the pipe that will be inserted.

Step 3: Inserting the New Line

The next step is to insert the new line through the opening that was created. The end lines are connected once the pipes are successfully in place. Once the connections are made, the project is complete.

Horizontal directional drilling is fast and effective for the installation of plumbing and utility lines and Atlanta Sewer Line Repair offers expert services, performed by qualified plumbing technicians.

Whether you need a complete new infrastructure, or to replace existing pipes. It is an affordable and accessible method compared to traditional methods, that might otherwise be inaccessible or financially prohibitive.

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Not only will we clear your line like most providers, but we will also camera your line for free and give you options to solve your sewer problems permanently.

Our technicians will accurately pinpoint any problem areas underground and even identify if the issue is your responsibility or a city/county issue.

Pressurized drain jetting not only restores flow but can remove grease buildup inside of your line and even scour away tree roots to improve the flow inside of your line.

No destruction to your landscape and very little disruption of your normal routine. Save ~40% compared to traditional replacement methods.

Avoid potentially disastrous leaks which can cause expensive damage to your home. Improve the flow and quality of your drinking water.

Water Leak Detection technology to pinpoint the leak while minimizing damage. Multiple leak repair options to minimize damage and the cost of a permanent repair.